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infernal wednesday

yesterday was not such a good day. for the past three months i've been putting off writing my final paper for american gov't. and well, it's due today and not a word was typed before yesterday. so i wake up at 9:30 am fully hyped to type and my mom starts cussing me out:
"are you such a fucking bitch that you can' ever talk to me?!"
"i have to write a paper."
"that's it, you're going to a shelter- today!"

then she left the house. so i'm thinkin' fuck. i have to repack all of my stuff but i have to write a paper. so i start packing AGAIN for the 50th time. i got a call from andrew, who is suffering from almost equally massive drama at the moment, and he tells me that my mom is at school. interesting. so he comes over and right after i hang up with him, emily calls to tell me my mom is at school. so she and hayden come over. i give them a bunch of stuff that i can't take with me and right as they are walking out the door- my mom comes home. she starts yelling at them, blah blah blah, she thinks that they are moving me out. they ignore her and wait for me at the bottom of the hill. she and i scream and cuss at each other and she reaches for my throat. the one thing you don't do is touch me when i'm pissed. i slapped her like the bitch she is and we got to shovin'. I went into the bathroom and slammed the door in her face. she called the police and said that i was running away. IGNORAMUS.
so after that she calls dana and reports that andrew, emily, and hayden are ditching when in fact they were all excused. then we yell a bit more. then a officer gilmore shows up and NOTHING happens. we tell him what is happening and then he leaves. shit like this has got to be annoying to him. he was really impressed with me, especially since i've already graduated and i'm taking classes at saddleback. anyways, so i call my friends, who went to starbucks, and i leave. so, on the way to emily's house andrew and i see my mom drive by. we assumed she was headed to the same place so we told hayden and emily to meet us at the mall for lunch. turned out she went to the bookstore andrew's dad runs and told him a buch of crap. at this point i still had a paper to write so after lunch hayden, me, and emily went back to her house. they watched eddy izzard(sp?) while i typed. funny funny guy. then hayden left. i kept typing. then andrew came. i kept typing. then andrew left. i kept typing. then we put on the original batman movie. funny funny. then i finished typing at 9:30 pm. it took me twelve hours from the time i began, to write that fucking paper. oye. so then i came home and discovered my mom had gone thru my bags and stolen my valuable vintage camera. i'm really upset about that. cunt. so today is my last final, tomorrow is prom. oh yeah, and while i was typing, mike lamasa (my date) calls and says his dad won't let him go with me unless he talks with my mom and she knows everything that is going on. ARG! so i don't know how that's going to work out. maybe i'm destined to never go to a prom. if she prevents me from going, i swear christ- shit will go down.
alright. enough of this
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