Marena (needanabob) wrote,

boring update

saturday, i think, i went to the one acts at dana and they were fabulous. of course. no surprise. talented friends. love all around. i like adam and tessa. just to state the obvious, they are cooler then the 80's. i love talking to him. it all makes sense and reaffirms something that i constantly forget is a part of me.
i want a tattoo and an itty bitty nose ring.
sunday i spent the day and night with andrew. after i got off the worst eight hour shift ever! i didn't see my mother. goooood thing. she's just a necessary evil.
yesterday was filled with lots of prom shopping and hot damn- i'm gonna look good. this is kinda embarrassing but i am so excited for prom/prom night.
imminent good times.
i have a final at noon that i have yet to study for.
oops, i did it again.
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