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restoration hardware workers are a bunch of thirysomething gay guys

i'm having troubles with the ex-object of my infatuation. whenever we work together he sings these songs that he makes up about how i broke his heart. and he always compliments me and all i want is for him to treat me like the two new girls. who are into him. which is ironic. i wish i never went there with him. i have very few regrets and that is one of them. but at the time i was telling myself i can't just let another oppurtunity pass me by. geez. he's starting to make me really uncomfortable. it's okay, it's already may, and new york is calling. last night the guy from danger kitty (some commercial) gave me his phone number and wants me to go to his show on saturday. i just might. my mom keeps leaving these notes saying i have to tell her where i am and do chores and blah blah blah honor curfew. i wrote her a note back:
what can she do to me? nada. mucho nada. so tonight i'm going to break curfew again cuz i'm gonna see this show at laguna playhouse. fun times. pretty company. it's all good.
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