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needanabob's Journal

1 October
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we don't know so we wait for tomorrow
"sickness", a clear night sky, a womans choice, aclu, adam sandler, allen ginsberg, ancient egypt, ann rice sex novels, anne rice novels, asian boys, asian girls, atheism, bald black men, bananas, beatniks, beautiful people, being trusted, bisexuals, bjork, blonde redhead, blur, bob kaufman, boticelli, boys who wear make-up, buffy, cheese, cibo matto, cigars, cigerettes, circles, civil liberties, clean cars, clean shaven boys, comfortable shoes, complete thoughts, constructive manipulation, dangerous liasons, diane di prima, digornio, dogma, emancipation, erykah badu, eyes, fashion, fiona apple, fucking tuesday, further seems forever, gay adoption, gay boys, gay families, gay parents, genuine guidance, girls, good teachers, gorillaz, happiness, hip hop dance class, homeric arete, honey coated peanuts, ice cream, imminent haicuts, incense, india arie, insanity, jack johnson, jack keruoac, janet jackson, jay and silent bob, jeff buckley, jimmy eat world, john cameron mitchell, johnny depp, josephine baker, justice, le tigre, lesbians, lingering hugs, love, ma'at, madonna, male feminists, mayahana buddhism, meditation, meeting famous people, michelangelo, missy elliot, monopoly, my grandma, nabobs (i need one), neal cassady, nefertiti, new feminism, new ideas, om, opinionated people, orangina, pacificism, paganism, painted toenails, pansexuality, peach colored rooms, people with issues, performing, placebo, poetry, polyamory, popcorn chicken, portishead, psychology, public transportation (or not), pulp, reading, ruby's diner, rufus wainwright, rumi, sarah michelle geller, schizophrenia, security, short hair, sleater kinney, smiling strangers, soy, spike from buffy, sputnik sweetheart, starbucks, stephan trask, stimulating conversation, straight boys, subway sandwiches, sylvia plath, tarot cards, tegan and sara, the soup plantation, the spagetti factory, the velvet teen, the wiz, therapists that don't blink, thursday, touch, trader joe's, unitarian universalism, urban outfitters, veruca salt, violent femmes, what dreams may come, when harry met sally, william s. burroughs, women, writing